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California’s Smoke + Indulge Gift Guide 2018

Weedmaps | December 2018

“Christmas is the time to indulge — that means no brand name knock-offs or trim run in December, okay?…”

Eaze Gift Guide | The holidays have never been happier

Eaze | December 2018

“Merry Cannabis, California! It’s finally here: California’s first holiday season with legal, fully tested marijuana products, ripe for the giving. What a time to be alive…”

9 Female-Owned Cannabis Companies Crushing it in California

Leafly | October 2018

“With a shelf full of Cannabis Cup awards for her edibles and topicals, Corey Thomas is one of the most lauded manufacturers in the business…”

Get Blazing With Cali’s Best Prerolled Joints

Leafly | October 2018

“Loudpack is a solid choice when it comes to a potent preroll…”

Loudpack Legacy: Improving the Future of the Cannabis Industry by Honoring its Past

Terpenes and Testing Magazine | October 2018

“Loudpack Legacy levels the playing field, in addition to making it bigger, more diverse, and most of all, filled with better cannabis…”

Blue Dream Product Review

A Proper High

“Smooth feels, clean high, senses activated. This is the flower you bust out when an old friend is visiting from out of town…”

This Flower Is The Dankest Of The Dank

A Proper High

“This flower is so aromatic it awakens my senses…”

Craft Cannabis: How Loudpack is Helping Small Pot Farmers Survive in California

Mary Jane | October 2018

“We’re supporting them because fundamentally, it’s good business for us and great business for them…”

Loudpack Announces Loudpack Legacy, a New Program to Support Local California Farmers

Cannabis Business Times | September 2018

“Loudpack Legacy is designed to strengthen independent farmers to compete with supply chains of the larger mass market…”

Loudpack Announces New Program to Support Local Farmers

The Emerald Magazine | September 2018

“We are thrilled to be a part of Loudpack Legacy and to have this unique opportunity to get our flower into the hands of more consumers, allowing people all over California to enjoy our product…”

Wanna Buy Verified Humboldt? Now There’s ‘Loudpack Legacy’

Leafly | September 2018

“Humboldt County is really the bedrock of the cannabis community in California, and it is very exciting for small farms like ours to finally have a platform to showcase these traditional styles of farming and spread awareness of our sustainable and mindful practices…”

Marijuana Startups Shut Out of the Banking System

Business Insider | September 2018

7 Excellent NorCal Cannabis Extracts You’ve Got to Try

Leafly | August 2018

“An all-star team of growers and extractors works behind the scenes at Loudpack, which uses award-winning cannabis strains …to create their line of live resin and sauce…”

San Francisco Cannabis Tourism City Guide 2018

Leafly | August 2018

“Gas up on Loudpack Gas OG”