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It's a beautiful day in California

Loudpack flower is everything we stand for. It’s the basis for everything we make and it represents absurd levels of quality. From the way in which it’s grown to the way in which it’s enjoyed, it represents California at its finest.

Respect Your Genes

Gelato 33, Girl Scout Cookies, Sherbet, and Strawberry Banana are some of the respected names and strains that make up our Loudpack family. We partner with the best to deliver the most respected, handcrafted cannabis in the industry.

Our Cannabis Flower


  • Cherry Sherbet
  • Black Lime
  • Strawberry Banana


  • Durban


  • Gelato 33
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Sherbet

Our Extracts

The Loudpack name was built on world-class extracts. While they come in many forms, the quality and pride we take in producing them stays the same.

Our Vapes

We’ve taken our passion for world-class flower and extended it to disposable vape pens. You can now enjoy the quality smoking experience you’ve come to love from Loudpack in a more convenient and discrete form.

Lemon Drop


Lemon, Citrus & a little Sweet.
Upbeat and bright euphoria. Great for getting outside, being productive and creative.

Strawberry Shortcake


Sweet, Berry & Earthy.
Full body relaxation. Great for night time and winding down.



Citrus, Sweet, & Tropical.
A well-balanced high of body relaxation and euphoria. Great for day or night.


We make Loudpack oil in our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of California. Each cart is hand filled with oil that has been distilled 5 times. We only use pure cannabis oil and proprietary blends of terpenes to create the best possible tastes, aromas, and effects.


Our hardware matches the quality of our oil to ensure you have a great smoking experience – consistent pulls, consistent heat, no burning. Loudpack disposable vape pens feature CCELL technology, which utilizes a ceramic core that evenly distributes heat and optimizes vaporization.

It’s about getting high.
The way high was meant to be.

When passionate, life-long marijuana people get together to do what they do best, the result is a high that’s truly meant to be. A high that can only come from one of the most advanced cultivation and manufacturing facilities in the world. One that’s purpose built to do one thing… grow the finest cannabis in the world.