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The Top 9 Cannabis Strains of the Fall 2019 Harvest Season

Leafly | September 2019

“This year, we’re seeing really excellent outdoor and light-dep cuts of Banana OG from California brand Flow Kana, as well as Loudpack, just two of many bringing the pleasant hybrid to outdoor shelves this fall….”

9 Female-Owned Cannabis Companies Crushing it in California

Leafly | October 2018

“With a shelf full of Cannabis Cup awards for her edibles and topicals, Corey Thomas is one of the most lauded manufacturers in the business…”

Get Blazing With Cali’s Best Prerolled Joints

Leafly | October 2018

“Loudpack is a solid choice when it comes to a potent preroll…”

Wanna Buy Verified Humboldt? Now There’s ‘Loudpack Legacy’

Leafly | September 2018

“Humboldt County is really the bedrock of the cannabis community in California, and it is very exciting for small farms like ours to finally have a platform to showcase these traditional styles of farming and spread awareness of our sustainable and mindful practices…”

7 Excellent NorCal Cannabis Extracts You’ve Got to Try

Leafly | August 2018

“An all-star team of growers and extractors works behind the scenes at Loudpack, which uses award-winning cannabis strains …to create their line of live resin and sauce…”

San Francisco Cannabis Tourism City Guide 2018

Leafly | August 2018

“Gas up on Loudpack Gas OG”