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Loudpack Legacy

Supporting California Growers

We created Loudpack Legacy to honor and support small cannabis growers in California while giving them a platform to share the fruits of their labor with more people. We partner with select growers who share our passion for quality and love of the cannabis plant. Every jar and pre-roll of Loudpack Legacy contains limited edition flower from these select growers. Pick up a jar or pre-roll and learn more about where your cannabis comes from.

Featured Farm

Emerald Queen Farms

In the heart of Humboldt County, up a dirt road lined with trees and redwoods, lays Emerald Queen Farms. The farm is run by the loving hand of Hannah Whyte who was taught at an early age the power of horticulture. She raises her plants and runs her farm with sustainability in mind – from using native soil to running off solar panels. Her and her team at Emerald Queen Farms live and breathe the farming lifestyle, with their own flare. Whether they’re pulling tarps, trimming, or skating their own private ramp, the team is dedicated to making the farm the best it can be, and it shows in the quality of the flower they produce.